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What we Offer?

How we program to develop best for our Customers?

  • We will understand your problem
  • Brainstorming
  • We build an initial prototype For You
  • We define the project boundaries
  • Together we Plan out major milestones
  • Planning sprints
  • Daily Stand-ups
  • Reviewing the sprint
  • Planning the next sprint
  • Completion and release

It is essential for OopTechs to understand the needs of their valuable customers. We will understand the problems they are trying to solve and gather a team with the required skills and experience. Our Team begins with the end-user in mind.

OopTechs team then begin generating ideas. At this step, all ideas should be considered. Innovation should be encouraged throughout the project.
When we sharpen up a potential solution, we will put together a rough prototype that better aligns with Customer requirements. This should not take more than a few days because our major strength of this approach is that we are alerted to problems with our design early on. Remember, OopTechs promote creativity and flexibility.
On Customers Feedback we will decide the scope of the project. Customers may need to add or remove features depending on how the prototype was received. We will design the live document for our Customers with scope outlining. Indeed this can be updated and it should be updated as the project progresses.
This step implies setting out the milestones we will have to hit while developing the solution. This strategy does not have to be particularly detailed and it should be flexible and easy to Modify. On prioritizing the components that will go together in building up the solution, ooptechs will focus on the features of Basic Idea to make our valued customers clear that how our proposed development plan fits with the overarching aims of the project.
To maintain a stable rate of development, we decide on realistic targets to keep all sprints the same length depending on the requirements. Our goal is to assemble a functional product in the shortest possible time frame that can then be further developed and refined in subsequent sprints with cooperation and planning.
Daily stand-ups will allow us to identify any problems early. Our team will tell you what they worked on yesterday, what they are planning to achieve today, and whether they have identified any problems or concerns they want to share with everyone else.
At the end of each sprint, we evaluate the progress of our team. Retrospectives are important for ooptechs, but daily status updates are our key to monitor the health of the project. To satisfy our customers we enable them to check up on the project at any time and offer their feedback. Ooptechs team will show what they are working on as soon as possible because; we think that regular “show and tells” allow us to work together more productively.
OopTechs will continue the sprint strategy until the project is completed and remain open to change and always act on our customer and end-user feedback. To make our development process more effective we do not just rely on technical expertise, but also on strong interpersonal connections.
When we develop a product that our customers and end-users love, we will release it. However, our agile approach doesn’t end here; we may need to make further adjustments to customer’s requests for change or user's identification of bugs.

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